The Exit Strategy

The year is 3200. Humanity is scattered like dust among the stars. The broken relics of a former day litter the sky and men and women struggle to rebuild the glory of humanity’s lost golden age.

Welcome to Sector Tyr Sigma.

One of the last bastions of the human race after the psychocataclysmic event known as The Scream. Six hundred years on, humanity has recovered from almost complete socioeconomic collapse. Corporations come and go, wars are won and lost, and once again, the stars are filled with vessels.

But what will you make of this sector? What will you make of yourself?

What is Stars Without Number?

Stars Without Number is a science fiction role playing game influenced by the Old School Renaissance. It is inspired by older dnd editions (specifically 2e adnd). Its main claim to fame is it extensive collection of tools to support gm’s in creating a sandbox campaign.

Why are we playing it?

Because it’s the easiest complicated system I know. It lets me do a bunch of really cool behind the scenes stuff whilst keeping the actual play fairly simple. Which is really good because I’ve got some players who are new to the whole RPG shebang.

What are the characters like?

Your character is an adventurer in the year 3200, a dweller among the scattered worlds of a once-great human diaspora. For whatever reason, he or she has decided to leave their old life behind and take up a starfaring existence, traveling from world to world in search of glory and riches.

Straight from the rulebook. But basically you’ll all be crew on the shame ship, The Exit Strategy. The game won’t be that combat centric, though you will probably get into situations where you’ll have to fight for your lives. But there’s no need to minmax the shit out of your character.

Meet the Crew

  • Cpt. Leonore Donias, Merchant Princess
  • Lillith
  • Place Holder
  • Place Holder

Exit Strategy

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